X-RAY XRE Eco 400(เครื่องตรวจสอบ)

Technical Data
– Detection area; 400mmx200mm
– Conveyor speed:
– min 0.1m/s
– max 0.98 m/s
– Conveyor length: 1000mm
– X-ray power: max 40-80 kV, 0.2-5.0 mA, max 200W
– X-ray leakage: less than 1 µSv/h
– Detector: Linear scanner
– Resolution: 0.4mm
– Operation system: Windows 10
– Power supply: 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
– Operation temperature: 0-35°C
– Dimensions (LxWxH): 1000/1400mmx702mmx2020mm
– Weight: 220kg
– Connection to data: Ethernet/USB
– Material: Stainless steel, brushed
– Reject options: air reject or pusher with bnis
– System conveyor: EU and FDA food use approved conveyor belt
– Radiation protection: EN61010-02-091, FDA CFR21 part 1020, 40
– Safety switches: Safety circuit CAT3, Performance Level Pl d
– Ip rating : IP65


– Automated product quality control system using the latest X-ray image processing technology
– Especially designed for larger food products, trays of smaller products and the inspection of multiple lines
– Images the inside of food products and detects foreign objects susch as metal, stones, glass, bones as well as dense plastics
– Simulataneously performs several diffent analysis, such as shape, weight or content inspection
– Perfect fit, requires the least amount of installation space in the product line
– Small in investment
– Especially suitable for the inspection of: packaged products; trays with several products; multiple lines of small products
– Perfect for the following food sectors: meat and poultry; e.g.big meat pieces; dairy, e.g. high pots of yoghurt or sauces, big cheese pieces; ready meals; wide frozen pizzas; bakery; vegetables and fruits; confectionery
– A wider conveyor and a remarkably larger detection area