WEIGHING TERMINAL IS50(ตัวแสดงการชั่งน้ำหนัก)

Weighing terminals and industrial PCs
Tailor-made solutions


For complex weighing and control systems the
weighing terminal iS50 ensures efficient
processes. Controls which were required
when a driven roller conveyor was used before
and after the scale, for example, are no longer
necessary. Also parallel processes can be carried
out independently with the iS50. You benefit
from maximum functionality and flexibility with
just one device.
The weighing terminal easily integrates in your
production structures and can be connected to
peripheral devices. This is an ideal system solution
with Bizerba scales which are fitted with digital or
analog weighing technology (e.g. strain gauge or
vibrating string technology).
iS50 can be customized to your needs via the integrated
Soft-PLC. Frequency converter, valves and
motors are directly controlled. Its functionality
comprises the establishment of weight and production
data. Optionally, it can also control
dosing systems, record statistical data as per prepack
regulations, count, formulate or carry out
tolerance controls.