LabelSecure S-sample checks made easy(เครื่องตรวจสอบ)

– One inspection system for several packaging lines
– Reliable sample validation of labeling
– Space-saving, budget-oriented solution
– Mobile inspection on different lines
– Automated generation and saing of quality reports


Minimal effort, high efficiency
LabelSecure S is an ideal solution for an ideal solution for an effcient integration of sample tests inyor production processed.
This Quality Assurance tool is the manual solution for
– Small areas and limited budgets
– Mislabeling prevention
– Providing evidence of inspection traceability

Safety and efficiency
Easy integration and connectivity
– Automatic saving of results in the device sofware
– Check of several packaging lines with different references: simply entering the reference number of the line
and starting the label check
– Compatible with ERP
– Connection to BRAIN2 possible
– Connection to other sampling inspection systems possible
– System uses the same software as the inlines systems of the Secure series