The i-7000 allows for quick setup and weighing on your production line, without the need for specialists or technology.

  • Choose between four programs – weighing, mixing, counting, and measuring waste – depending on your application.
  • Can be easily connected to a barcode scanner or label printer for complete automation.
  • A large, easy-to-read, colorful touch screen with customizable buttons, depending on user conditions and preferences.
  • There are documented instructions during the work process, so an inexperienced operator can use the device correctly.


The formula is saved so that the weighing operation can be performed safely without error, just follow the instructions on the screen. The system can store up to 1,500 ingredients and 2,000 raw materials (10 names for each ingredient and material). The instructions include both ingredients to complete the mixing process.


The system can be used to check the weight since the product weight verification, then to check the missing items to calculate the amount of waste.


You can set the number and the warning will be displayed if it is outside of the set value. The system consists of Ishida”s unique AIZAC function, which defines a slight fluctuation in weight to avoid counting errors.