IW SERIES(เครื่องชั่งน้ำหนัก)

Water-proof digital platform scale
Constructed of water-proof stainless steel, the versatile IW series is ideal for food
processing applications-from agricultural and fishery industries to wholesaling and
retailing industries


Weighing platform with IP-67 weighing platform with 6, 30 and 150 kg three-screen screens.
The IWB can run for 1,000 hours using two D-size dry alkaline batteries.
The IWX Series is 240VAC. All of these large LCD displays are recognized in Australia. | The IW Series is one of the most cost-effective scales in the industry.

Durable and durable scales can be washed and sprayed with water for easy cleaning.
For the first time in the industry, load cells have been coated with acrylic resins to provide perfect waterproofing.
This is the same kind of cleaning treatment used on the aluminum sash.

  • The IW-Series complies with IP-67 requirements and allows for maximum hygiene.
  • The IWB can operate for up to 1,000 hours using 2-D dry alkaline batteries (AC adapter available).
  • IWX only uses 240AC.
  • Provides accurate weighing functions for weighing.
  • IWB LCD – High font height (36.5 mm)
  • The IWX has a large, clear display. (Letter height: over 30 mm)
  • 6kg only in IWB format.
  • The structure is stainless steel.