FS series(เครื่องอบแห้งอาหาร)

Food Dehydrator


Best Performance Focusing on Productivity

1. Machine chamber door
Previously it was difficult to clean the inside of the machine chamber.
This Series is equipped with a simple access door, allowing you to easily clean the inside of the machine chamber.
2.Drain hole
A drain hole is provided to drain water after the machine chamber or dehydration chamber is cleaned.
3. Levelling adjuster
The machine can be leveled, which prevents water or dust from accumlating at the bottom of the
dehydrator, thereby keeping the machine clean.
4. Suction port with filter
A filter is provided as standard equipment to prevent insects and foreign matter from entering the machine.
5. Combustion furnace (SUS)
The combustion furnance is made entirely of stainless steel, eliminating any risk of foreign matter instrusion due to paint
peeling for example.
6. Exhaust vent
The exhaust vent is designed to fit the outdoor weather cover (commercially available product).
7. Burner
You can select the appropriate burner according to your heat source.
The kerosene or LPG type is available.