Barcode Sticker

  • Has an easy to use format save storage space
  • It can be used in all sectors of industry.
  • Help build credibility for the brand.
  • and build credibility with customers as well

empty star stickers Thermal Transfer stickers are used with Ribbon when heat from the print head transfers to the ribbon.
material or ink on the ribbon will move to the barcode sticker (Barcode label) Thermal transfer printing via ribbon also reduces friction.
of the printhead with a barcode sticker Since the print head does not have direct contact with the sticker, it extends the life of the print head. Ribbon printing
You can also choose to use the ribbon. and barcode stickers or labels (Barcode Label) with a variety of types as well

– rolled blank star stickers for printing stickers
– There are many styles of stickers. Semi-Glossy Stickers (TT), Thermal Stickers (DT), PP / UPO Stickers, Fresh Food Scale Stickers,
Blank Inkjet Labels TM-C3510
– Thermal Transfer Stickers can be printed with Ribbon.
– Direct Thermal stickers are printed with direct heat.
– PP Thermal Transfer stickers can be 100% wet or exposed to water and can withstand heat up to 90 degrees Celsius.