About us

Niraman Hustadol Managing Director

N.C.R Engineering & Trading Co., Ltd. Has established and operated business since 4 September 1998. The Company has committed to development work to strive for excellence in performance and service distribution for maximum customer satisfaction.

Ensures that NCR GROUP has won the trust of the Thai population for more than 20 years, NCR GROUP has developed and more products to cover the customer’s production line and convenience to the end user as much as possible. Therefore, the company can offer a product that has the ability and the best quality, with prices to suit the customer.

Not only that provide recognized standards of quality, accuracy and appropriate pricing company, a continually of service and Support System and Customer Service that reach the international standard with the use of modern technology and expertise engineers to ensure customer’s convenience and satisfaction.

Principles of management and service

With more than 30 years of experience down the path in weighing apparatus industry, Mr.Niraman Hustadol (Managing Director), business tycoon and owner of the NCR GROUP – a company that is more service-oriented than sales-oriented, ensures that NCR GROUP has won the trust of the Thai population for more than 15 years.

The key principles to our work approach are honesty, genuineness and indulgence. We will pay detailed attention to the business of my customers as if they are our own. Therefore, we will foresee the significance of the time efficiency as a top priority. The time that customers waste form waiting for the inspection of their weighing machines may cost them the loss of revenue, so our company has our very own Hot Line number to serve clients 24 hours a day.


To guarantee convenience and contentment for our customers, we have more than 50 experienced and well-qualified employees to offer after-sale services to clients nationwide.

Our business approach is since – we will only deliver what is the best for our customers. We will use pre-sales service system by asking the needs of our customers in order for us to respond accordingly. Moreover, we will offer maximum benefits to our customers by selecting only the finest quality products that are function and reasonably priced.

Our company operates together as team work and each of us reaches out for one another like family. Our employees are the backbone that drives our business. Today I am proud and delighted to have employees that are diligent, honest, sincere and ready to serve our customers the best of our ability.