Polystar PAW-6000B

Latest vegetable wrapping machine with computer

Efficient by computer control
High speed wrapping for leafy and long vegetales. As saving 100 kinds of various vegetables as Item Memo is available, calling up recorede adta easily and enables operators to switch each item data smoothly.
It includes Stainless steel conveyor with side belt as standard type in in-feed portion.
All you have to do is putting vegetables on the conveyor with side belts. Once items are put on it, they are provided to the machine and no empty bags are discharged.
Printer is available (Option)
Making it possible to print producer’s name and numbers.
PAMS (Option)
PAMS is wrapping system which calculates optimal bag length depending on item length, and seals and cut bag automatically.

Wrapping samples


Dimensions L:4259 W:970 H:1517(mm)
Wrapping speed 10-60(pcs/min)
Max.film speed 26 (m/min)
Max.film width 550(mm)
Max.film dia 300(mm)
Max.item size (H) 130 (mm)
Max.item width (W) 180 (mm)
Film cut length 150-900 (mm)
Power consumption Three-phase 4.4
Weight 800 (Kg)
Air consumption 0.5(Mpa) 60 L/min (ANR)