High - versatility Packer
Saving the total cost of product packaging without using various different type of materials.
Just using a polyethylene film reduces various kinds of bags, tapes and of time-consuming preparation.

<Use cases> 
i-HP 8000 is the perfect bag packaging solution for small industrial parts, and also suitable to small packets such as sources and seasonings.


Automation and optimization
Flexible integration into production line thanks to its low height compact design. <W: 780 x L: 750 x H: 1000 (mm)> Various interface provides on-demand seamless solution with auto weighing, counting and filling devices.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance  Easy Cleaning and Maintenance  
Easy access for daily maintenance with simple and quick consumable parts replacement helps to reduce maintenance load and time.

Name Vertical pillow-type packaging machine
Type i-HP8000
External dimensions W:780 (694) x D:750 x H:1,000                
The value in parentheses is the film width for a type whose width                 
is less than that of Type 235.    
Type name 300 235 185 150 80
Film  width 630 mm 500 mm 400 mm 330 mm 190 mm
Bag length 80 to 400 mm
Film thickness 30,40, 50, 55, 60, 80µm    
Selected at the time of shipment. 
30, 40, 50, 55, 60µm        
Selected at the time of shipment.
Film material Linear low-density polyethylene (L-LDPE) Genuine Ishida films recommended    
Object to be packaged Food with good flowability that does not come into contract with the film (Plastic molded products, small metal components, granular food, money bars… Liquid products must be excluded)
Total filling mass Standard: Static load 3kg (max.) 2kg (max.)
Processing capability Max. 50 g
Single filling mass 5 BPM
(Under the empty bag continuous operation condition when the film thickness is 60 µm and the bag length is 250 mm)
Capability in actual use 4 times BPM
(Under the condition of 2-second bag-making standby operation when  the film thickness is 60 µm and the bag length is 250 mm)
Exterior Main body material: Steel (SPCC), etc.
Main body painting color: Banking finish Nuri K1-1036 (Ishida standard color)
SS jack bolt and universal caster
Basic machine mass 140 kg (excluding films and options)
Operation panel Power switch            
Emergency stop switch            
Start switch for single-acting operation            
Keys: Bag Length Set            
          Vertical Heater Temperature Set        
          Interlock/Single-act Switch        
          Film Feed        
          Bag Numbers (TARGET BAG(S), etc.)        
          Preset No.Set        
          • Item Numbers (0 - 9) Set + Adjustment Item        
          • Adjustment Item: Operation Timing Set        
                                        Horizontal Heater Energizing Time Set    
                                        Bag-making Mode Switch    
                                        Other Parameter Set
Display 7-segment display (0.8-inch) LED red 6 digits            
          Interlocking / single-acting, each mode display        
          Bag length display        
          Package numbers display        
          Bag preset numbers display    
Horizontal seal method Impulse heater method
Vertical seal method Bar touch pressurization method
(for both the cartridge heater and the thermocouple)
Detecting function  : Film feeding lever opening/closing detection    
 : Horizontal seal unit operation error detection    
 : Vertical seal operation error detection    
 : Film feeding operation error detection    
 : Film end detection    
 : Emergency stop switch ON detection    
 : Horizontal seal heater disconnection detection    
 : Door opening/closing detection    
 : Vertical seal heater temperature error detection    
Bag making unit 300 mm / 235 mm / 185 mm / 150 mm / 80 mm    
 : Former for pasting envelops    
Contact signal • Standard contact signal        
 : Contact input "Terminal block" 4 : Start, error stop (= Stop signal),Preset clear, error release
 : Contact output "Relay terminal" 4 : Input permission, film end, error  signal, preset completion
• Option signal
Power supply Power supply specification : Single-phase 220V ,50 Hz                
Power cable length  : 5m        
Power plug               : With parallel 2P ground terminal (insert plug with a grounding electrode)
Electricity consumption During operation : AC100V 16.4A / 1600W
Operating environment Temperature: Between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius
Humidity: Between 20 and 80% (There shall be no condensation)
Option • Film joint plate
• Unsealing perforation unit
• Register mark detection unit
• Beating device
• Needle-type deaeration unit
• Raising base (100 mm - 500 mm: 50 mm pitch)
• Sponge deaeration unit
• Foot switch
• 3-color signal tower with buzzer
• Error alarm buzzer
• Film near-end sensor