Polystar PROTO-AB80

Sophisticated machine with High Speed and Excellent Hygiene
High Speed
  Compact main body and saves the space, but it can wrap max. 80 pcs/ min
Easy Maintenance
  Maintenance of the end sealer was not easy but improved. Detaching the drive portion allowed good view for sealing surfaces and also easy maintenance and cleaning. Stainless steel is used in the body with good sanitation.
Flat belt conveyor as standard
  Detachable and washable flat belt conveyors are set as standard, which will keep good sanitation.

Dimensions L:3927 W:965 H:1576(mm)
Wrapping speed 10-80(pcs/min)
Wrapping speed (belt C/V) 60(pcs/min)
Max.film speed 30 (m/min)
Max.film width 450(mm)
Max.film dia 300(mm)
Item size (H) 80 (mm)
Item width (W) 180(mm)
Film cut length 100-500(mm)
Power consumption Three-phase 4.5
Weight 1,200 (Kg)
Air consumption 0.5(Mpa) 80 L/min (ANR)