The UNI-5 Series packs many features into a compact, ergonomic system that makes transactions simple.

Choose the UNI-5 for:

• A multi-window screen layout that displays tare, weight, unit price and total price, product name and scale connectivity status for easy, efficient operation.

• Sophisticated virtual display options for the operator, to view receipts, coupons, labels and totals before printing.

• A self-serve mode - ideal for busier supermarkets - made possible by an LCD customer-side display. This can also be used for displaying store messages and adverts to enhance sales.

Touch Panel
The 7" touch panel makes scale operation as easy as playing.
The display consists of a neat format multi-window layout for tare,
weight, unit price and total price positioned vertically on the righthand side of the display, PLU name window and icons to easily
identify the scale connectivity status/printing mode/USB port. Up
to 3 sizes of preset keys may be programmable with the small size
capable of accommodating up to a maximum of 20 freely
programmable preset keys on a single page. The Uni-5 can store
up to 99 pages and each can be set as calegory/ group/ function/
operator/ PLU page. Further more, the operator display may be
utilised to view virtual receipts, open tickets, visualise totals
before printing and easy label fonmatting.

Weighing Platter
Uni-5 is available in different capacity version: 3/6kg, 6/15kg and
15/30kg. All capacities come with a standard resolution of 3,000

The Uni-5 comes with several interfaces as standard:
A) RS232 for self-sarvice 2 or 3 panel keyboards
 connection or serial barcode scanner
B) Ethernet (100Mbps) for connection with PC and
 connection with other scales (floating operator
C) USB for memory expansion up to 2GB or barcode
 scanner connection
D) RJ port for cash drawer connection
Wi-Fi is available as an option and may be ordered
either as a kit or as built-in factory option before
placing order.

The hi-tech electronic multi-layer mainboard and stable
VxWorks operating system is what makes Ishida's
retail scale printer a truly reliable and long-lasting scale
for operation. From a design point-of-view, the tilting
platter allows the possibility to have a low-profile scale
base and also a small foot-print hence making sure the
Uni-5 will look attractive for the store, operator and more
importantly the customer!

Customer display
A sharp, bright, grayscale 7" LCD with backlight helps attract
customers' attention. Brightness is software adjustable and to
further reduce power consumption, standby mode may be set
to trigger automatically. The customer display can show
scrolling/ flashing advertising messages and up to 6 images
per A/D message with variable selectable speeds. A/D
messages may also be set to switch to full-screen in order to
ensure maximum visibility.

Membrane keyboard
For the last 15 years, Ishida has been using the flat surface
membrane keyboard type thus requiring less cleaning time
while achieving maximum cleanliness which are vital in everyday's store operation. The Uni-5 membrane keyboard consists
of a fixed numeric keyboard, fixed keys for zero setting of the
scale, tare key and label/ paper feed key. It also consists of 61
one-touch preset keys freely programmable for PLUs and/or
special preset function keys.

The direct thermal printer with side-loading system on the
Uni-5 has a variable speed which can be set via software
between 80, 100, 120 and 150mm/sec. The printer comes
standard with the backing rewinder thus ensuring you can
switch-over from labels to receipt or vice-versa. The peel
sensor which is standard too on all Ishida retail scale printers,
will make operation easier, faster and helps minimise label
waste. The Uni-5 printer is designed with the environment in
mind - Linerless printer is available and may be ordered as
standard or as a kit in order to be able to print receipt or labels
on linerless continuous rolls.