CUBISCAN 125.jpg

Product Fetures :

  • Infrared light sensing technology
  • Ultrasonic sensing technology
  • Impressive 0.05" resolution
  • Intutive and user-frendly touch display 

Product Description :

The Cubiscan 125 is a small stationary or portable cubing system that used a combination of infrared and ultrasonic sensing technologies to measure and weigh parts, SKU's, and boxed items. Infrared sensing technology is used to create the precision and detail required to measure small parts and unboxed items, while ultrasonic technology is used to gather dimensional data on large, boxed items.

  • Designed for shipping, logistics, and space management applications
  • Complete mobility (battery included) means easy access and use in warehouse aisles
  • Extremely accurate data enhances the ability for on-demand, box-making applications
  • Infrared light sensing technology quarantees accuracy up to 1 mm
  • Easy0glide gate makes for quick and effortless measurements

Measurement Range :

Length : 0.2 to 45.0 cm
Width : 0.2 to 45.0 cm
Height : 0.2 to 30.0 cm
Weight capacity : 0.002 to 25.000 kg