The POWERCART H-Series is a compact, highly maneuverable industrial cart mover. It combines the hydraulic lift system of a manual jack with a unique, quick-connect hitching system and the POWERPALLET 2000 drive system … together creating a fast, powerful, easy-to-use and highly maneuverable cart mover.  Connecting via the mating cart hitch (attached to each cart) it allows a single operator to effortlessly move wheeled loads weighing up to 3,500lbs (1,600kgs).

FASTER:  The POWERCART H-Series (PCH) features a self-aligning quick-connect/quick-disconnect hitching system. Additionally, it features a user settable max. speed of 3.7mph (100m/min) and infinitely variable throttle for both forward (pushing) and reverse (pulling). 
MORE POWERFUL:  Utilizing the same drive system as on the POWERPALLET 2000, the PCH can move 3,500lb (1,600kg) with ease, or for loads weighing even more, it becomes a powered assist that does most of the heavy lifting. 
MORE MANEUVERABLE:  With more than 180° of directional rotation at the hitch and a footprint less than 11” (275mm) wide at full turn, the PCH offers exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces.  Additionally, the PCH is intuitive and easy-to-use either pulling or pushing loads. 
MORE FLEXIBLE:  The PCH employs a unique spring compliance system for hitching.  The operator can engage but only lift enough to compress the spring and provide traction, or pump more and lift the hitched end of the cart entirely off the ground. This is ideal for two-wheeled / two-legged carts, poorly running carts or for operation on uneven / low-traction floors. 
SAFER TO USE:  A unique feature of the PCH is its automatic pin locking system that ensures a secure connection between cart and mover.  A spring-loaded pin locks the PCH’s hitch to the cart’s hitch preventing the two from separating - regardless of the terrain or use case. The locking pin is also automatically retracted when the cart is unhitched.

Power Cart_H Series_R1.jpgBETTER VALUE:  Despite the exceptional performance, features and reliability, the PM2K costs less than most movers in its class.  And as the PCH and PP2K share not just the same operating method, but also the same key components (including operator controls, battery packs and chargers), these two series are also perfect partners in facilities that utilize both carts and pallets.

Max. Speed*   Load Moving Capacity  Drive Motor  NiMH Battery Pack  Recharge Time  
M/Min MPH Kg Pounds Amp Hours  Voltage 
100 3.7 1,600 3,500  Brushless DC  5Ah 45.6V 2 hours (from 80% depletion)