BIZERBA LabelSecure S - sample checks made easy

Checking and documenting of labels and marking
• One inspection system for several packaging lines
• Reliable sample validation of labeling
• Space-saving, budget-oriented solution
• Mobile inspection on different lines
• Automated generation and saing of quality reports

»Procedures shall be in place to ensure that all products are packed into the correct packaging and correctlly labelled«


Minimal effort, high efficiency
LabelSecure S is an ideal solution for an ideal solution for an effcient integration of sample tests inyor production processed.
This Quality Assurance  tool is the manual solution for 
Small areas and limited budgets
• Mislabeling prevention
Providing evidence of inspection traceability


Safety and efficiency
Easy integration and connectivity
Automatic saving of results in the device sofware
Check of several packaging lines with different references: simply entering the reference number of the line
and starting the label check 
Compatible with ERP
Connection to BRAIN2 possible
Connection to other sampling inspection systems possible
System uses the same software as the inlines systems of the Secure series



Specifications Facts Details
Functions Checking of presence, position and orientation of labels
Comparison of read texts with specified texts
Reads information such as characters and
codes on top and/or bottom of the package
Checks matching of labels
Checks barcode readability
Checks color of the package
Label check through sampling
Independent of printing technology (ink-jet, thermal transfer, laser)
Scanner unit One to two sensors
Protected against ambient light and manipulations
No external influences on the inspection results
Dimensions 570 mm x 570 mm x 557 mm 
570 mm x 570 mm x 966 mm 
Housing Design according to hygiene requirements EHEDG certified components
Inclined surfaces for drainage of washing water
Package size min. 60 mm x 60 mm x >5 mm 
max. 210 mm x 280 mm x 180 mm
W x L x H
W x L x H
IP rating IP65 The optical inspection components are integrated in a tightly sealed housing
Processing system Industrial PC Operating system: Windows Embedded Standard 10 Processor Intel® Celeron 3955U
Interfaces 3 USB
2 Ethernet
Connection to customer network via Ethernet (TCP/IP possible)
Power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz 
110 V AC, 60 Hz
Open to other local voltage with a transformer
Ambient temperature 1 °C to 35 °C
Humidity Max. 85 %, non-condensing
Maintenance Scanner can be replaced by user
Options Facts Details
Accessories Mobile work table
Software The measuring results of other control units (tightness, gas concentration measurement, weight, temperature) can be added to the report Compatible with BRAIN2