The advanced technology of DACS-GN checkweighers improves the performance of any production line in any manufacturing environment.

The DACS-GN Series utilizes unique and prodrietary technology to deliver unbeatable checkweighing accuracy and speed. Data management via computer and easy operating controls boost productivity and line efficiency.

Sophisticated design delivers superior performance

New high-output digital load cell sensor


New D-HOP-LC high-output digital load cells feature enhanced sensitivity over conventional models.  The load cell's rigid design allows weight to stabilize quickly, ensuring faster weighing speeds.
*Max. speed varies with the product’s length.

Weight range versatility 
Multi-range weighing capacity allows one checkweigher to satisfy a wide variety of product sizes and speeds. 

•GN-S015 Series  600 g (0.05g)⇔1500 g (0.1g) 
•GN-S060 Series  3000 g (0.2g)⇔6000 g (0.5g) 
•GN-S300 Series  15 kg (1g)⇔30 kg (2g) 
•GN-S600 Series  15 kg (1g)⇔30 kg (2g)⇔60 kg (5g)

Ultra high accuracy Force-Balance sensor


ISHIDA's highly sensitive and durable electromagnetic balance weighing sensor has a maximum capacity of 600 packages/min and a minimum graduation of 0.01 g. The system is ideal for checkweighing pharmaceuticals, industrial products, and other items requiring accurate high-speed inspection.
*Max. speed varies with the product’s length

New 3D digital filter


performs optimal noise elimination.   The best filter pattern is selected according to the size of the target, conveyor speed, and target weight to ensure more effective elimination of noise. 

Anti Floor Vibration mechanism


reduces weighing errors caused by vibration from the floor.  A highly sensitive load cell detects and eliminates noise from floor vibration and other factors that influence accuracy, significantly reducing weighing errors. 

Midship layout


improves responsiveness at high speeds. Ishida’s unique design positions the weighing sensor in the center of the weighing mechanism.   This layout optimizes the balance of weight placed on the sensor to enable faster, more accurate weighing. 

User-friendly operation and data management

7-inch color LCD screen with command dial 
Select programs and quickly access operator controls by simply turning the command dial while watching the wide color screen.  The new control panel provides intuitive operation, reducing production loss due to operator errors while lowering operator training costs. 

The command dial signal lamp enables the operational status of the system to be easily checked, even from a remote location.


Standard USB slot 
Weighing data can be saved on a USB memory stick or computer.  All weighing data can be exported in Microsoft Excel format. 


Durable, sanitary design


All stainless steel construction 
Stainless steel bodies provide superior corrosion resistance, and promote fast and thorough cleaning.

Open frame design 
The stainless steel open frame design with circular pipe legs prevents unsanitary build-ups of dirt and product, and provides convenient access for cleaning.


Construction Non-waterproof IP-30    
Waterproof IP-69K*
Weighing sensor  Load cell  Max. 440 packages/min 
Min. graduation 0.05 g 
Capacity (Multi-range) 
GN-S015 Series 600 g (0.05 g) ⇔ 1.5 kg (0.1 g) 
GN-S060 Series 3 kg (0.2 g) ⇔ 6 kg (0.5 g) 
GN-S300 Series 15 kg (1 g) ⇔ 30 kg (2 g) 
GN-S600 Series 15 kg (1 g) ⇔ 30 kg (2 g) ⇔ 60 kg (5 g)
Force balance Max. 600 packages/min 
Min. graduation 0.01 g

Converyor size                                                                                                                  (Unit :mm)

Length/Width  100 160 240 320 400
150 2.jpg
250 2.jpg 3.jpg
350 2.jpg 3.jpg 3.jpg
450 /1.jpg 3.jpg 3.jpg 1b.jpg
550 2g.jpg 1b.jpg
650       1b.jpg 1b.jpg
Load Cell Model 1.jpg =S015 1b.jpg =S060
Force-Balance Model 1gg.jpg =F006 1ggg.jpg =F030

* High-grade waterproof construction available for DACS-GN-S015, S060.