BIZERBA CWA Dynamic Checkweigher & Metal Detector

The new generation of automatic checkweighing and metal detection combo system integrates the CWA dynamic checkweigher with the latest technology in metal detection. This dynamic Combination is applicable for various applications with minimum footprint requirements. High-precision checkweighing  and high-sensitivity metal detection works in tandem within this compact equipment improve the overall efficiency of the production line. By ensuring weight requirements are met and accurately identifying metal  contaminants, the combo system can guarantee the quality and safety of any production line. A modular  design concept allows you to customize your best-in-class industrial solution.


Bizerba high-quality entry level checkweigher, CWA is capable of high throughput production requirements. With its IP65 protection class, it is the first choice for various applications of pre-packed products.
• High efficient, automated and the most cost-effective solution for 100% weight control
• Tendency control function to reduce over and underfilling and saving cost
• Perfectly suitable for checking of re-packed products, exact control for statistical evaluations, completeness check and tolerance check
• User-friendly operation via colored touch display, and efficient data management
• The graphical user interface (GUI) can be individualized for each customer upon request
• Customizable with variable belt widths and equipped with quick belt change system (no tools required)

Bizerba metal detector inspects various products on a robust stainless steel conveyor belt construction, offering you the best price-performance-ratio and highest detection sensitivity 
• Compact construction integrated into the CWA dynamic checkweigher
• High detection sensitivity for detecting metal contaminations
• Product-specific rejection systems available

Options for CWA checkweigher
• Rejection belt with pusher or airjet rejector
• Collecting bin 
• Infeed guide rails (not in combination with Metal Detector)
• Bin full control & rejection verification 
• 3 color signal tower
• Windshield cover

• Belt transitions
• Tendency control
• Compressed air monitoring
• USB data export
• Customization of graphical user interface (GUI)
• Metal Detector


Model CWA Dynamic Checkweigher 1500 CWA Dynamic Checkweigher 3000
Weighing range 600g/1500g 3000g 
Division value d 0.2/0.5g  1 g
Infeed conveyor (W x L)  150x250 /150x400 mm   150x250/150x400/300x400/300x500 mm 
Weighing conveyor (W x L  150x250 /150x400 mm   150x250/150x400/300x400/300x500 mm 
Optional - Rejection conveyor (W x L):  150x250 /150x400 / 150 x 750 mm   150x250/150x400/300x400/300x500/300x500/300x750 mm 
Roller diameter: 22 mm 32 mm
Conveying direction right to left / left to right right to left | left to right
Conveying height 700 - 860 mm / 860 -1020 mm 700-860 mm /860-1020 mm
Maximum weighing conveyor speed 50 m/mm for weighing conveyor length 250 mm    
80 m/mm for weighing conveyor length 400 mm    
100 m/mm for weighing conveyor length 500 mm    
Protection class  Conveying conveyor/Switch cabinet/ Display unit:IP65 
Energy supply Supply voltage: 100-240 V : 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 500-750 VA
Compressed - air supply : 6 bar
More features Article memory : 200 (Article memory in combination with Metal Detection limited to 99
BRAIN2 Industrial Software integration
Interfaces: Upgrade to PIO 12/12, USB RS232, RS485, RS422  Profibus DP, Ethernet