Pricer Technology




InfraRed Light (IR) 

● Save Energy & Time
● No Disturbance from other Signal
● Safety & Security
● Robust & Long Lasting System  


The Intelligence is in the Pricer Platform

The Pricer platform is unique because it offers features that meet the challenges facing brick-and mortar stores now and in the future:

● Scalability
● Advanced high speed infrared, diffused wireless communication
● Industry-leading speed: up to 90,000 full-page updates per hour
● Two-way communication protocol for local and centralized system and product level monitoring
● Segment and Graphic ESLs in one communication solution
● Industry-leading security: noise immunity and disturbance
● Industry-leading ultra-low battery consumption: flexible investment and environmental awareness
● Robust SW design for grocery retail
● Inter connectability: integrate, monitor and control other communication and indoor location systems
● Redundancy, system and coverage

Pricer Systems Feature…

● Able to acknowledge back reliably at any transmission volume without affecting battery life. Retailers not only know their prices match, but also the labels are actually on the shelf in the right place and are working properly.
● Fast and able to speed up in the future as omni-channel retailing takes hold. As always with these technologies, speed will be the biggest hurdle in the future.
● Undisruptive and undisrupted by other ISM radio frequencies, it must exist in perfect harmony with the increased use of 2.4 frequencies for other critical in-store applications.
● NFC-enabled and more It must let retailers bypass costly infrastructure and just allow customers to access Web pages on demand right at the shelf-edge.
● Equipped with flash indicators that can be seen from more than 30 feet (10 meters) away.
● Indoor geolocation to know the location of a product or person in a place or space
● Inter connectable with new communication devices for geolocation such as BLE and do things such as monitor, turn on/off and update firmware.
● Highly reactive with very low latency Latency longer than 5 seconds makes it unable to support new applications such as pick-to light, merchandising compliance and task-to light. ESLs have to immediately react, flash, change display and respond – all on demand.