Outstanding performance even with compactness

Kihara's SM-4S-EH compact dryer is a high quality dew point control dryer that has the same drying capacity as a large dryer even though it is so small.

Drying is Interesting
KIHARA' s compact-type food dehydrators offer you new food ingredients to work with.

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Product name Compact-type food dehydrator (SUS) (dew - point control type)
Model SM4S-EH
Specifications Overall size Width 540 mm x Depth 580 mm x Height 880 mm
Tray size/number of trays (Dimensions) 396 mm x 297 mm x 25 mm x 4 pcs.
Power supply Single - phase 220 V
Maximum power consumption 1.05 kW
Heat insulation material 25 mm,glass wool
Fan Model BF-14BSE Sirocco fan
Rated output 50 W
Heat source Type Sheathed heater 500 W, 2 pcs.
Operation panel Model KIHARA touch panel controller
Temperature range Ambient temperature to 80 ℃
Sensor Pt.100, wet and dry bulb, 2 pcs.
Functions Multi-function program controller
Overheating prevention system
Dehydrator weight 48 kg